1 Apr 2014

Necron Destroyer - Final Colour Scheme Development!

So, with the Necron Warriors gauss energy red in colour, I had to re-paint the Necron Destroyer I painted as a test example literally years ago. The main colours for my ever growing Necron Army is obviously metallics as every Necron player knows, but also another colour - dark blue, with a Bronze accent colour and the gauss reddish energy.
It has taken a number of iterations to finally settle on a colour scheme I liked. Here are the previous incarnations, firstly black carapace with blue energy. This was the first attempt, I liked the black but it was missing something.
Next I tried a blue, aptly named Necron Abyss, and it worked well with the gold transfers but I wasn't overly happy with the gauss blue energy. I didn't want the over used Green energy, especially the plain green plastic rods - they look lego-like. I wanted painted effects so I experimented with a few colours before settling with a nice red blend to orange with yellow lightning flecks.
So now, with the red energy and the blue carapace I was worried it would clash too much but I like it and somehow it works I reckon. So there it is, the development of my Necron colour scheme. Now I am happy with it, I reckon the progress will speed up - can't wait to get these guys on the battlefield and battle Lord Halfpenny and 6thDegree with something other than Relictor Marines.

Thanks for reading.

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