29 Mar 2014

Necron Warriors - Squad #1

It was about time I progressed a little with my 'other' army after so many Space Marine Relictors Chapter new toys goodness, so some time and effort (very little) went towards my Necron force with a first Troop choice, some lowly Necron Warriors in an attempt to offer a valid second force, albeit a small 'secondary detachment' soon for my games with Lord Halfpenny.

I finally had decided on a colour scheme and what colour and effect to do the gauss energy, so after experimenting with the Obelisk after Christmas and a Night Scythe / Doom Scythe, the colours were still being finalised and I have stuck with the red energy.

As these are lowly warriors, they don't show any of the accent colour for armour plates of a dark blue as seen in the other vehicles. I intend to add blue armour to more important troops and characters to show their higher status, but these dudes are the simplest lowliest troopers. And the first of a few...

I'm currently working on the repaint of the Necron Destroyer I painted as a test scheme way back in May 2012.

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