1 Feb 2013

Relictors Tactical Rhino / Razorback VI Finished

The final Rhino / Razorback for my Battle Company Transport Pool is now completed, this is the latest addition to the Relictors - Tactical Squad VI's Rhino.  The TL Lascannons are converted from some Predator Sponson Lascannons, a CoD exhaust thingy and an Aegis Gun sensor and base plate, I've also got a FW Lascannon mount yet to do - converted into a Las/Plas turret for any of my Razorbacks.
This Rhino has all the same markings as all the others, WFB Shield pommel Skull face, chaos chains etc. But this one also sports Chapterhouse Studio's Hatch and Doors, nice lot of skulls, very Relictor's Chapter-like - and suitable for any Chaos Space Marine Legions, especially Nurgle - the top hatch has maggot and tentacle within the skulls, but I've just bone coloured the lot though - they are not yet heretics even if the Grey Knights think they are!!. Here are some more views - hope you like. *EDIT - Since posting this, I noticed I had not yet weathered the tracks and skirts with a stipple of Calthan Brown dirt, that is now done!
Lastly, here is a shot with the Squad and their new ride. Right, I must continue with some more Drop Pod progress and I still have some more Terrain and Scenery to do... and just a Command Squad to finish the entire Battle Company (plus the obligatory Armoury extras and FW goodies - that never ends, lol)
I'll post some pics of all the Relictor Rhino's in a few days. All neatly lined up they look awesome! Shame I won't field them all together. Thanks for reading.


Mordian7th said...

Very nice! Those chapterhouse doors fit the aesthetic really well - awesome work, man!

Dai said...

Very nice looking tank. The CH extras really help it look the part for your chapter.

John Lambshead said...

Funnily enough I just read a relictors story this weekend in Architect of Fate. Had to look up thier colour scheme. You have got it just right.

Siph_Horridus said...

Thanks all for your comments. I'll have to look that book up John, is it a short story in another Black Library novel?

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