14 Jan 2013

Daemons Vs Ultramarines - 1850pts Pictures

Lord Halfpenny and I had a nice 1850pt battle using his Ultramarines and his Blogwars4 Daemons list, me controlling the Daemons to show Lord H how hard it is to kill daemons with marines these days - he now believes me! We thought we'd post some pics of the game for you to hopefully enjoy.

This above was the marine deployment with Tigurius and Corteaz with a mass of Sternuard up front and some Grey Knight Termies plus Assault Termies on the left flank. There are two objectives worth 3 VPs each - one in each deployment zone - chequered ruins and circular ruins

The Daemon list was a good balanced list without too much cheese flamers and screamers - nice. We were testing it out to see what could be changed ahead of Blogwars 5 later this year.
 End of Daemon turn 1 - Tigurius (Warlord) killed by lucky Soulgrinder shot! Squad of Flamers mishapped... Siph rolls 1's shocker...
 End of Marine Turn 2 - Rifleman Dread charged Flamers and died from Overwatch. Fateweaver shot to death by Sternguard and dakka Pred.
 End of Daemon Turn 2 - Flamers make mincemeat of Sternguard and Corteaz - damn Breath of Chaos.
 End of Deamon Turn 3 - Assault Termies killed by Soulgrinder and Seekers charge (seekers with 25 attacks). Grey Knights claim Marine Objective. Plaguebearers claim Daemon objective.
 Turn 4 - All over for Marines - Grey Knights surrounded in chequered ruins
 Crashed Aquila scenery - painted table looked awesome!
Marine Objective in nice painted ruins!

So, Flamers are awesome, Bloodcrushers are too slow, Marines don't have enough dakka - all the perks with low AP weaponry and Power Armour is negated by Daemon invulnerable saves and Breath of Chaos. Grey knights are suitably good against daemons but Paladins would have been better!!

Great fun, love this game, (I won my first of 6th!!) and painted table scenery add so much to it. Hope you like the pictures. Lord Halfpenny still loves it as they were both his armies... so it was win win, lol. 

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Admiral Drax said...

I know almost nothing about the newest incarnation of Chaos...but I rather suspect I couldn't beat them in 1000 years!

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