23 Sep 2012

Weemen at Gamesday - in the meantime, Relictors Dreadnought Armoury

The Weemen are at Gamesday UK 2012 at the Birmingham NEC today. We will be driving up early this morning to bag some of the great new Horus Heresy FW goodies and having a right ol' Geekfest.  Since we won't be able to post until we get back, in the meantime please accept this filler...Siph finished one more of his (my) many Forgeworld purchases, namely the latest Chaplain Dreadnought, I thought I'd show you all the Dreads to date. I've still a MKIV Ironclad from FW to do plus whatever I buy today (Fellblade anyone??)...

Here are the links to the rest of them if you missed them -

Normal haphazard programme will resume on our return, along with some phots if we've remembered a camera!!

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