4 Sep 2012

eBay steal of the week

Despite having an ever growing "to-do list", I've always got half an eye on eBay for any deals that might pop up.

In this case the seller just said there was a Carnifex and some bits from a Battleforce set. The pics weren't very clear and it was obvious they were horribly painted, but I don't mind stripping paint and I can always do with a few extra Gants, so I thought I'd throw up a max bid of £12 - and I managed to win!

It was a nice surprise to find I actually won:
  • 3x Tyranid Warriors (good for S8 target practice I guess...),
  • 1x Carnifex (now de-limbed and awaiting Devourerfication),
  • 8x Genestealers (they are the newer models so will be Ygmarls and are going to be getting some nice bases),
  • 15x Gants (always need more 'Nid bread & butter!),
  • 6x Gargoyles (not got any yet so these will be test models for the new Hive Fleet Thorn "Air Wing")
  • A collection of bits that I'm sure will be of use somewhere...
All in all that's about 500pts worth of 'Nids and worked out to be about £0.02p per pt!.

When they turned up it was another case for the R.S.R.M.M (Royal Society for the Restoration of Mistreated Models); the models seemed to be stuck together with a mixture of hot glue and tree sap and were covered in half a dozen layers of acrylic paints, poster paints and nail varnish - but its nothing that a few days in a Fairy Power Spray bath wont fix.

Now if only I could snag a FW Hierophant for £12...

1 comment:

John Lambshead said...

Nice one!
It's possible to get some great deals on eBay for 40K is one doesn't mind doing a little work.

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