5 Aug 2012

My first Forgeworld piece (its a Flyrant!)

I have wanted a Forgeworld piece ever since I first laid my eyes on their site when started collecting again a few years back, but I always end up weighing up the price of one of of their pieces against the ever growing “to buy” list and always opted for the latter (especially because most of the ‘Nid FW pieces can’t really be played in most games).

Just before 6th Ed dropped I managed to pick this guy up off eBay for about a quarter of the normal FW price (with the new focus on flyers, I bet it would have gone for more now) and according to the seller, the model just needed the head gluing back on, but was otherwise “pro-painted” (I really hate that term) and in perfect condition.

When it finally turned up, it needed a little more attention than the seller let on, unless it got damaged in transit and all of the broken parts mysteriously disappeared from the shipping box....

The central horn on the head was broken, as well as the Tyrants tongue – simple enough jobs to fix (I reshaped the the rear of the head and the tongue and you can’t tell unless you have another model to compare it to). Also the model was in about 20 different parts...

I left it in parts and started stripping the “pro paint job” (which was two colour minimum and looked like it had been applied with a trowel). At this point I thought the model looked nice but didn’t see what all the FW fuss was about – it had no more detail than a regular GW model...and then I stripped off the top layer of paint. And then the next. And the next. And another one...about 5 coats in all until I got to the black undercoat...and I have no idea what had been used to undercoat the thing but it was now a black tar that was so thick and viscous that it could be moved around the model and took impressions of your fingerprints when you touched it – horrible stuff! Dettol and Power Spray wouldn’t touch the stuff, so it took hours of scrubbing with hot water (trying not to warp the FW resin too much) to finally get rid of it all – and there it was...FW detail! And it was niiiice!

The model then went back together nicely and was actually relatively easy to paint – here it is:

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O'Shashar said...

nice to see you save an abused model from a mountain of paint and you have done a great job

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