22 Jun 2012

Tyranid Prime

Sticking with my re-painting theme, here is my Tyranid Prime that I recently re-finished. Its quite good that I am posting the re-paint jobs...it turns out I never actually posted most of my army when I was initially building it.

You can just about make out the original paint job in a pic of my BW1 army where he accompanied a brood of Venomthropes (for Wound sharing), but did very little else...
 Anyone familiar with 2nd Ed (which is when me and pornstarjedi started playing) will recognise this as the 2nd gen Tyranid Warrior. I love the newer Tyranid Warrior models, but do have a soft spot for these guys. They are still available on eBay for around £10 a piece (which isn’t that bad compared to the price of a GW single model like Broodlord/ SM Captains etc.) and it is pretty easy to find a variant with some interesting weapons (I think this guy was still in its blister pack and had a pair of Boneswords, rending claws and a Lash Whip).
The only change I made to the model was adding the current Deathspitter weapon. He has a pair of Boneswords to cause ID if the enemy fail a Ld test on 3D6, which complement the Lashwhip/Bonesword Warriors that he normally accompanies.

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