27 Jun 2012

Legio Astorum Will Walk - Imperial Reaver and Warhound Titan Battlegroup

 Finally what some have you have been waiting for, all three titans are together. What a great family shot! Some people spend their spare cash on practical things, but I've spent mine on a Titan Legion, lol.
 These were painted by Richard Gray, from *Slayer Sword Winner 2014 Richard Gray Art. He was always going to do a better job than me! And after my first commission to him, there was no doubt I'd send more business his way. Truely jaw dropping inspiring Weemen work! I am one very proud notso-Weeman owner now ;)
 Imperial Reaver Titan 'Honorum' as appears in the Imperial Armour Vraks books. More pics here and here.
Imperial Warhound Titan 'Canis Bellum'. More pics here.
And finally, the new addition. Imperial Warhound Titan 'Canis Praetor'. More pics found here.

Hope you like Richard's work. If you are interested in him painting some of your major pieces of work, feel free to drop him a line.


Mordian7th said...

Very, very cool! Great to see 'em all together, they look brilliant!

Bix said...

An awesome sight and then some!

*Looks sadly at his Warhound still boxed after 2 years*

I may have to contact Mr Gray...

the 6th degree said...

Pure awesome! That is one hell of a pile of resin goodness!

Remind me to never play Apoc against you...

Mercer said...

vulkan mega bolters are just so cool!

Nice titans, dude :)

BigJon said...

Fantastic, looks great. I would love to see a Chaos side of the same make up to counter it.

Siph_Horridus said...

Cheers All for your comments.
Bix - give Rich a call, you can always say no.
6th - not worthy a foe until you get that Heirophant... lol
BigJon - if you give me the £1K i'll need to buy the resin, i'll oblige ;)

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