15 May 2012

Tyranid Display Board

I am now ready for BW3; I have a list picked and (semi) tested and all the models are bought and painted.

Somehow I was lucky enough to win best painted army at BW2 last year and as its unlikely I will place in the top half of the tournament, let alone get near the podium, I thought I’d get my ‘Nids looking as nice as possible for BW3.

Annoyingly, I am using a few of the same models from last year, so to mix things up a bit and to avoid having to trapse an army case and boxes for my MCs around, I thought I would make a display board/tray.

The board is made from pin board I picked up from Tescos for less than £4 and is textured, painted and I have added a few scenic objects. It would have been nice to add a few more pieces of scenery; a hill/cliff or digestion pool etc, but things started getting too busy to actually fit my army on the board.


Roll on BW3!!!


Siph_Horridus said...

Looks awesome mate. Is this something me and Pornstarjedi need to do then? Suppose it would help inbetween battles and for the judging. See if I can actually paint what is needed first! Lists due in Saturday

the 6th degree said...

Cheers man - I only did it because I had time and CBA with an army case and several MC boxes...

I was ready...but now I'm having second thoughts about my list which might mean another model to buy and paint. Best make my mind up soon...

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