2 May 2012

Potential Blog Wars 3 List?

As BW3 draws nearer, its time to pencil together an army list, I have the option of either a Ultramarine force, typically revolving around a Calgar Land raider packed list, which at BW1 was fun to use. The other list would be a 4 god- Daemon list, this has a lot of various qualities about it, however when I started the Daemon army it was down to my love of the fluff behind Skulltaker- I think he is one of those cool 'he's going to kill lots' characters who, built in the right way could be a game decider. 

Therefore, my current army list will comprise of Skulltaker, hopefully on a Jug (if I can get the conversion finished!!)
I will then look to build the force with a combination of Bloodletters, a few Bloodcrushers and maybe a Bloodthirster to add to the mix. The one tactic I will be opting for is to try, (if possible) to adhere to the Khorne 'figure of 8' force.
 I do have a fair idea of the list, however I want to see how much I can get finished before uploading the final list! (I'm hoping to get alot done tonight!)

I've read that Mono-daemon lists aren't that good in 40k terms, however I'm pretty sure I'll enjoy the challenge of pleasing the Blood God... 

My aims for the day are to try and not finish last of the weeman crew, it pains me to have that burden again! I'm also hoping to be able to achieve at least 1 victory- and to avoid playing any of the Grey Knights that might be making an appearance... of course with Khorne the main point is to collect as many skulls as possible for the Blood God!!


Aventine said...

It is great playing Khorne against Grey Knights, Blessing of the Blood God (which Skulltaker has) gives you a 2++ against Force Weapons! I've seen him eat a whole ten man Paladin unit solo with his 4+ insta-kill!

pornstarjedi said...

Cheers for the comment!

i'm sure the blessing of the blood god will be a 'blessing' if i'm up against GK- he has the potential to be a game winner if played right, and by that I mean add him to a unit of bloodcrushers and a herald...

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