6 Mar 2012

Warmachine – Khador Sorcha, Wardog & Widowmaker Solo

Hi there, today we have a few more finished models from my Khador army.

First up is the warcaster Sorcha – if you are unfamiliar with Warmachine, the warcaster is essentially the General of an army and she was included in the Two Player Battle Box that I got. Although the character is pretty good, I’m not overly fond of the model and will probably be getting one of the other variants to really spend some time painting.

Next is the Wardog – a character attachment that I haven’t had chance to try out in a game yet, but reading through the Privateer Press forums, the poochy is a staple addition to Khador warcasters and allows a number of ways for them to escape life threatening situations.

The lighting in the pics is a bit rubbish and doesn’t show the range of different browns I managed to work into the finish of the dogs fur, to try and make the model a little more interesting.

Finally, we have the Widowmaker Solo; the solo attachment for the Widowmaker unit I painted up here. Most Warmachine units seem to have some sort of solo or character that is specifically tailored to boost the units performance in some way.

I’ve played a few games with this guy and for an elite sniper, he can be a bit hit or miss, but have found that Widowmakers can be pretty devastating against one-wound enemy infantry.

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