9 Jun 2011

Spam Warning - JHouston791

Hi, just got a comment from a JHouston791 asking me to contact him by email to post a link to his website. Don't bother. It's spam just like the chinese stuff that keeps appearing. I googled his name and guess what - we are not the first gaming blog to be asked... I've deleted the comment to the spam folder.

Jeez. Come on blogspot, block this crap.


oni said...

Blogger has thankfully added and improved upon their spam comment system. Log in to your dashboard and go to 'comments', from there you can mark it as spam.

I've seen these messages before as well and to this day they still pop up every once and awhile on my blog, but there's nothing that can be put in place that will be 100% in blocking them.

RonSaikowski said...

It's nothing but a pain.
As if we didn't have enough already with trying to keep up our blogs with good, quality material... now we have to police against those looking to ruin it for us.

It always something.

Darkwing said...

He just commented on my site too. Thanks for posting this--it warned me ahead of time so I recognized it when it happened.

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