20 May 2011

One more for Blog Wars

Hi Guys – having seen that Siph and Pornstar both have their Blog Wars tickets, I couldn’t miss out on the opportunity to join them back in the hometown, so now it looks like the whole Weemen cast will be there.
I sat down last night with the codex and drew up the 1750pts list I will probably be taking (which I’ll post up on here shortly) and what needs to be done to get the list into tourney ready….
I’m going to try to post every couple of days up to the event (because I have LOADS to do).
Current To-Do list looks like:
Buy 2 Venomthropes
Buy 1 Hive Guard
Convert/build Mycetic Spore
Convert/build Doom of Malentai
7 Hormagaunts
7 Termagaunts
1 Trygon
1 Carnifex (and maybe convert it at the same time)
2 Venomthropes
1 Hive Guard
1 Mycetic Spore
1 Doom of Malentai
20 spare Termagaunts (for the Tervigon)

Just look at my current To-Do box!!!!
That has to be done by 05/06/2011...
When taking into account prior commitments, that is 1 full weekend and 10 week-nights…this is going to be close!


FromTheFang said...

Best of luck mate. I've got a pile of painting to do too. I'm sure you'll manage it. Not so sure I will!

suneokun said...

See you there buddy. I'm all paid up and with conversions to go. Hope you meet no Grey Knights!

Karitas said...

I have a similarly life-deadening painting list :)

Blog wars is more likely to be "Don't touch that it's still wet" Wars :)

the 6th degree said...

Yeah - starting to think my colour scheme should have been "pewter silver", "plastic grey" and "green-stuff green".

Would make life much easier.

Suneokun - my last few games have only been against GK's - I freeking hate them with a passion now.

Its a bit daunting looking at the attendee list and being the only Nids player so far...

Siph_Horridus said...

However we do, it'll be good fun to all get together and see the people behind our favourite blogs from here in Blighty. Oh, and get yabled playing 40K maybe! lol

Siph_Horridus said...

*tabled! Ha Ha

O'Shashar said...

Impressive task you have set yourself best of luck getting it all done in time, would love to see nids at Blogwars.

pornstarjedi said...

Looking forward to it mate! I just hope my flight home isn't cancelled due to the ash cloud! Otherwise I'll be stuck in Bali!!

Siph_Horridus said...

I can think of worse places to be stuck!!!

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