23 May 2011

Busy Weekend

Wow – it just goes to show how productive you can be when you are up against it. The missus was out for most of this weekend so I took the opportunity to make some headway on the Blog Wars to-do list.
After 14hours on Saturday and 7 hours on Sunday of purchasing / converting / painting, the to-do list looks like this:
Buy 2 Venomthropes - bought
Buy 1 Hive Guard – bought and painted
Convert/build Mycetic Spore – bought and painted
Convert/build Doom of Malentai – converted and painted
1 Trygon – painted
1 Carnifex (and maybe convert it at the same time) – converted and painted
7 Hormagaunts – basecoated
7 Termagaunts – about 50% done
20 spare Termagaunts (for the Tervigon) – avoiding at all costs
All the multi-wound creatures are now finished (until the Venomthropes turn up) so now I am just left with about 30-odd gaunts to get stuck into. I have 9 weeknights left to do this, so I think I need to finish all the gaunts that are going to start on the board in batches of 7 per night. I will probably take the 20 “spare” Termagaunts to a 3 colour minimum (and finished if possible).
FYI – I need to build in some redundancy as this weekend I will be throwing myself down some Welsh mountains on this:
No pics of the finished models yet as they still need basing – which I am hoping to do in one massive batch around Wednesday next week.

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The Angry Lurker said...

Stay safe on that 4 wheeled death trap.

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