19 May 2011

Blog Wars 2011

Pornstarjedi and Myself are off to Blog Wars this Jun 5th, in Mansfield. Any UK Bloggers wanting a fun tournement with like minded gamers come along for some games of our beloved 40K. I do hope it is not a hugely competetive affair, we just want some fun! If we come 39th and 40th we won't be too disappointed - it will be good to battle some other forces other than Space Marines as Pornstarjedi and myself are always knocking hells bells out of eachothers Relictors and Ultramarines!

Check it out at From The Fang and see some of the faces behind the blogs in the UK and have a great day out gaming. Follow the link on their right sidebar.

See you there maybe?


the 6th degree said...

Aaaargghhh.....its my and Pornstarjedi's hometown and we haven't had a game together in over 10 years (plus I want a shot at those nice looking Relictors).

I feel I've got to go as well!

BUT - its a couple of days before I go on holiday and it will require and insane amount of painting (and possibly modelling - a Nid special character has to be included).

If I have less than 60 gaunts left to paint...I'm going!

Siph_Horridus said...

Come! It'll be fun.

Andy - bG said...

Looking forward to meeting you guys there.

FromTheFang said...

Thanks for the mention. I'm really looking forward to it and I hope that people enter into the non-competitive spirit but there are prizes involved so...

@the 6th degree got your ticket money just now and I'm pleased there'll be at least one nids army there.

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